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BreastSurgANZ Council Members and Subcommittees 2019-20

2019/20 BreastSurgANZ Council

The current BreastSurgANZ Councillors elected at the 2019 AGM are :

A/Prof Sanjay Warrier (President)

Miss Melanie Walker  (Vice-President)

Robert Whitfield (Hon.Secretary/Treasurer)

Caroline Baker (Councillor)

Melissa Bochner (Councillor)

Ben Green (Councillor)

Kylie Snook (Councillor)




Prof Christobel Saunders (WA) (President)

Prof Andrew Spillane (NSW) (Immediate Past President)

Dr David Littlejohn (NSW) (Vice President)

Dr David Walters (SA) (Hon. Secretary/Treasurer)

A/Prof Elisabeth Elder (NSW) (Councillor)

Dr Bev Fosh (SA) (Councillor)

Dr Ben Green (QLD) (Councillor)

Dr Bruce Mann (VIC) (Councillor)

Dr Farid Meybodi (WA) (Co-opted)

Dr David Moss (NZ) (Councillor)

Dr Jane O’Brien (VIC) (Councillor)

Dr Patsy Soon (NSW) (Councillor)

Dr Robert Tasevski (VIC) (Co-opted)

Dr Eletha Taylor (NZ) (Co-opted)

Miss Melanie Walker (VIC) (Co-opted)

A/Prof Sanjay Warrier (NSW) (Councillor)

Dr Robert Whitfield (SA) (Councillor)

Dr Clement Wong (QLD) (Co-opted)

Dr Wen Chan Yeow (WA) (Councillor)


New Zealand Subcommittee

Dr David Moss (NZ) (Chair)

A/Prof Ian Campbell (NZ)

Dr Peter Chin (NZ)

Dr Paul Samson (NZ)

Dr Eletha Taylor (NZ)

BreastSurgANZ Quality Audit Subcommittee

Dr David Walters (SA) (Chair)

Dr Melissa Bochner (SA)

A/Prof Ian Campbell (NZ)

Ms Katherine Economides (RACS, SA)

Ms Maryanne Maher (BCNA Rep, NSW)

Mr David Moss (NZ)

Ms Michelle Ogilvy (RACS, SA)

Dr Meron Pitcher (VIC)

Prof Andrew Spillane (NSW)

Dr Peter Willsher (WA)

Membership Subcommittee

Prof Christobel Saunders (WA) (Chair)

Dr Bev Fosh (SA)

Dr David Littlejohn (NSW)

Dr David Moss (NZ)

Ms Ann Tolman (NSW)

A/Prof Sanjay Warrier (NSW)

Dr Clement Wong (QLD)

Oncoplastic Breast Surgery Subcommittee

A/Prof Elisabeth Elder (NSW) (Co-Chair)

Miss Melanie Walker (VIC) (Co-Chair)

Dr Peter Chin (NZ)

Dr Carolyn Cho (ACT)

Dr Daniel de Viana (QLD)

Dr Bev Fosh (SA)

Dr David Littlejohn (NSW)

Dr Cindy Mak (NSW)

Mr Richard Martin (WA)

Dr Jane O’Brien (VIC)

Dr Wen Chan Yeow (WA) 

Post Fellowship Training Subcommittee

A/Prof Sanjay Warrier (NSW) (Co-Chair)

Dr Ben Green (VIC) (Co-Chair)

Ms Janne Bingham (SA)

A/Prof Ian Campbell (NZ)

A/Prof Michael Henderson (VIC)

Dr David Littlejohn (NSW)

Mr Richard Martin (WA)

Prof Andrew Spillane (NSW)

 SET Subcommittee

Dr Robert Tasevski (VIC) (Chair)

A/Prof Phillip Carson (NT)

Dr Michael Eaton (SA)

Mr Michael Law (VIC)

Mr Garth Poole (NZ)

Dr David Walters (SA)