NSW – Gosford Hospital

>NSW – Gosford Hospital

Position: Oncoplastics Breast & Endocrine Surgical Fellow

The role would suit a First year trainee.

Gosford hospital is a major teaching hospital located on the central coast of New South Wales, 40km north of Sydney. The hospital services a population of over 300,000 and in 2021 the region treated 292 new breast cancer cases.

The successful applicant will have exposure to a breadth of oncoplastic breast ,endocrine and general surgical experiences. The fellow will have access to 7 full day public lists per month. In 2018 the unit performed a total of 358 benign and malignant breast cases and 73 endocrine cases. There were a total of 68 oncoplastic breast reconstructive cases including single stage and 2 stage implant based reconstructions, therapeutic mammoplasty and symmetrisation procedures.

The fellow will also have an opportunity to participate in autologous breast reconstruction with the plastics team.

This is a 1 FTE position and will expect above full time senior registrar salary. The on-call commitments include 2.5 days ASU general surgical on-call per fortnight in the capacity as a junior consultant. 1 day per week is designated to teaching and research commitments in conjunction with the University of Newcastle.

All 3 surgeons perform oncoplastic breast and endocrine surgery. The Fellow will have good experience in oncoplastic level 1 and 2 caseload as will as thyroid and parathyroid surgery.

The fellow will have access to resources with the University of Newcastle to facilitate research and publication requirements.

Breast Oncoplastic Surgery:> 100 cases per year of oncoplastic 1 & 2 mammoplasty including LICAP and AICAP flap.
Breast Reconstruction Surgery: Over 20 implant based reconstructions per year
General and Other Surgery: Endocrine surgery - thyroid and parathyroid surgery, over 40 per year general cases, laproscopic hernia plus gall bladder surgery. Melanoma, skin cancer over 20 per year.
Breakdown of Hours: 7 full day public list per month; 2.5 days oncall as general surgeon in ASU unit per fortnight in the role of junior consultant; breast screen experience.
Private Consulting: N/A
MDT: Once per fortnight
Academic & Research: One day per week teaching/research in conjunction with the University of Newcastle
Funded: 1 year FTE role commencing early February 2022
Salary: will be Full time salary equivalent to Senior Registrar salary (or greater) and minimum salary package and requirements and conditions as required by law in the Hospital jurisdiction will apply

  • Hospital culture is one of respect and professionalism: Yes
  • A published and accessible complaint management process: Yes
  • Computer facilities / IT Support: Yes
  • Private Study Areas: Yes
  • General hospital educational activities: Yes
  • Regular supervision, assessment and feedback to Fellow: Yes
  • Safe hours practised: Yes
  • Access to external education activities for Fellow: Yes
  • Credentialed and specialist surgical staff committed to assist surgical training of BreastSurgANZ Fellow: Yes

Location: Holden Street, Gosford NSW 2250

Hospital Info: 358 breast surgery cases per year including 148 new breast cancer cases; All 3 breast surgeons in the unit perform oncoplastic breast surgery

Hospital Specialties: All 3 surgeons perform oncoplastic breast and endocrine surgery. The Fellow will have good experience in oncoplastic level 1 and 2 caseload as well as thyroid and parathyroid surgery. Good general surgical exposure with oncall commitment in ASU 2.5 days per fortnight.

Contact Information

Contact: Dr Paul (Ping-en) Chen

Additional Information: https://www.cclhd.health.nsw.gov.au/contact/