NSW – St Vincents Hospital (Sydney)

>NSW – St Vincents Hospital (Sydney)

Position: First or Second year Breast and Endocrine Post Fellowship Trainee

This role is suitable for a first or second year fellow.
This position is based at the Surgical Oncology Department at St Vincents Hospital Campus, Darlinghurst, which provides a dynamic and multidisciplinary service treating 150-200 new breast cancers annually. The service consists of 3 Breast Surgeons, a Registrar SET (2-5) and 1 JMO. The successful candidate will be offered exposure to a large number of neoplastic and non-neoplastic breast pathology. Training will be provided in a full range of breast surgical
procedures with the ability to work closely with the Plastics and Reconstructive Department to gain experience in autologous and implant based reconstruction. In addition the candidate will be extensively exposed to all aspects of axillary surgery including sentinel node biopsy and axillary dissection. The fellow would be involved in the running of a weekly campus wide breast multidisciplinary clinic. There will be opportunities for outpatient experience in the
specialists’ private rooms St Vincent's Hospital has strong translational research links with The Kinghorn Cancer Centre with an extensive clinical database available for clinical research opportunities. It is envisaged that the successful candidate will be provided with experienced support, allowing participation in translational and clinical research during the fellowship year, with the expectation of resulting scientific publication or presentation. The funding for the fellowship is through a private assisting model with Public hospital overtime shifts.

Summary Hospital information
BREAKDOWN OF HOURS – ? ???Outpatient clinics, Operating lists, and On-call requirements - As above
PRIVATE CONSULTING – Supplementary consulting sessions in the Specialist’s private rooms by arrangement - TBC
MDT – (Multidisciplinary management of breast cancer patients) - TBC
ACADEMIC & RESEARCH – any Academic involvement and / or Research activities available to the trainee or required - YES
FUNDED 1 year FTE role commencing on RACS start date early February 2020 - TBC
SALARY will be Full time salary equivalent to Senior Registrar salary (or greater) and minimum salary package and requirements and conditions as required by law in the Hospital jurisdiction will apply - YES

Location: 390 Victoria St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010

Hospital Info: 15-200 new breast cancers annually. 3 breast surgeons, a registrar and 1 JMO

Hospital Specialties: Weekly campus wide breast MDT clinic, private outpatient experience, clinical database available for clinical research opportunities

Contact Information

Contact: Davendra Segara