NSW – Chris O’Brien Lifehouse

>NSW – Chris O’Brien Lifehouse

Position: Breast Surgical Fellow

This role is suitable for a second year fellow.

Chris Obrien lifehouse is an integrated cancer centre across the road from Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. This fellowship involves lists with 3 Breast Surgeons, A/Prof Sanjay Warrier (PFT Chair & breast surgeon). A/Prof Cindy May (Oncoplastic Chair and Head of Department) and Dr Belinda Chan, Consultant Breast Surgeon. Key areas of the the fellowship include

  • 350 plus new breast cancers per annum
  • A mix of primary and secondary operating
  • Oncoplastic caseload: Level 1 and 2, implant based reconstruction, mammoplasty techniques and lipofilling and LD reconstruction.
  • On call for general surgery
  • Research opportunities
  • MDT
  • Opportunity of up to 3 Breast clinics per week

The funding for the fellowship is through a private assisting model. A data manager is provided and A/Professor Warrier and A/Prof Cindy May will direct projects.

Breast Oncoplastic Surgery: Likely above 100: volume displacement, displacement
Breast Reconstruction Surgery: Likely minimum 50 minimum: 2 stage, 1 stage, lipofilling
General and Other Surgery: General Surgery 'on call' every third Wednesday
Breakdown of Hours: Please contact A/Prof Sanjay Warrier for further details
Private Consulting: Mondays in consulting rooms
MDT: MDT 12.30pm every Thursday
Academic & Research: Strong support for research, Fellows are encouraged to do the Masters of Breast Surgery (University of Sydney)
Funded: 1 year FTE role commencing early February 2022
Salary: will be Full time salary equivalent to Senior Registrar salary (or greater) and minimum salary package and requirements and conditions as required by law in the Hospital jurisdiction will apply

  • Hospital culture is one of respect and professionalism: Yes
  • A published and accessible complaint management process: Yes
  • Computer facilities / IT Support: Yes
  • Private Study Areas: Yes
  • General hospital educational activities: Yes
  • Regular supervision, assessment and feedback to Fellow: Yes
  • Safe hours practised: Yes
  • Access to external education activities for Fellow: Yes
  • Credentialed and specialist surgical staff committed to assist surgical training of BreastSurgANZ Fellow: Yes

Location: 119-143 Missenden Road, Camperdown NSW 2050

Hospital Info: 3 Surgeons, 350+ breast cancers/year, MDT (1 x weekly)

Hospital Specialties: BreastScreen, Ultrasound Training Opportunity, 
Familial cancer clinic access, Clinical trials, Oncoplastic Training

Contact Information

Contact: A/Prof Sanjay Warrier

Email: [email protected]