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VIC – University Hospital Geelong


Breast and General Surgery Fellow (Surgical Unit 2)


First Year


Ryrie Street, Geelong


Dr Kimberley Prince

Position Description

The surgical unit 2 is a general surgical unit with a subspecialty interest in malignant and benign breast conditions, melanoma and paediatric surgery. The unit consists of 4 consultant surgeons, 1 fellow, 1 SET trainee surgical registrar and 2 residents. There is a weekly unit audit, 2-3 outpatient sessions per week (1-2 breast, 1 general) and 8 operating sessions per fortnight. The breast service is part of the Barwon South Western Regional Integrated Care Service (BSWRICS), providing multidisciplinary cancer care to the south west region of Victoria. It is a high volume breast service, treating 150-200 operative breast cancer cases per year. The unit is actively involved in clinical research and the University Hospital Geelong is a participating centre in many Australian and international breast cancer trials. The surgical unit 2 fellow will be trained in the management of a wide spectrum of breast conditions. Operative experience will include level 1 and 2 oncoplastic techniques, sentinel lymph node biopsy, axillary dissection, nipple / skin sparing and non-skin sparing mastectomy and both autologous and implant based reconstrutive techniques. There will also be exposure to melanoma and paediatric surgery; experience with thyroid surgery and endoscopy can also be available. The fellow will be actively involved in the management of both ambulatory and non-ambulatory patients, teaching and supervision of junior medical staff, clinical research and multidisciplinary management of breast cancer. The general surgical workload will include participation in the on-call and theatre commitments in the Acute Surgical Unit.

The fellow will attend four (4) Breast surgery elective operating lists per week and participate in approximately 300 major breast procedures including combined breast/ plastic surgical breast reconstructions. There are currently three surgical unit 2 outpatient sessions, including a weekly breast clinic run by 3 consultants; a smaller fortnightly breast clinic run by 1 consultant and a weekly surgical discharge clinic incorporating breast cancer review patients run by the fellow. Breast ultrasound and teaching is available in outpatients as well as in theatre. There is a weekly Breast multidisciplinary meeting attended by specialists in breast surgery, radiation oncology, medical oncology, breast radiology, pathology, breast care nurses and a GP/lymphoedema specialist.

Additional breast discipline related opportunities include attendance at the Breast Screen assessment clinic, weekly Breast Screen clinicopathological review meeting, monthly breast cancer risk management clinic at the Andrew Love Cancer and private assisting opportunities with exposure to oncoplastic techniques, lipofilling, implant-based and autologous reconstruction.

Barwon Health University of Geelong Hospital

Summary Hospital Information

Breast Oncoplastic Surgery:


Breast Reconstruction Surgery:


General and Other Surgery:


Breakdown of hours:

Outpatient clinics, Operating lists, and On-call requirements (as above)

Private Consulting:

Supplementary consulting sessions in the Specialist’s private rooms by arrangement



Academic & Research:



1 year FTE role commencing on start date early February 2022


Full time salary equivalent to Senior Registrar salary (or greater) and minimum salary package and requirements and conditions as required by law in the Hospital jurisdiction will apply

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