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As a not-for profit entity we are often reliant on event sponsorship to support our educational and training workshops and courses.

Our event sponsorship packages provide a variety of ways businesses and stakeholders may chose to support BreastSurgANZ.  Benefits of event sponsorship include an opportunity to make difference in breast cancer patient care and outcomes by improving surgical training, developments and upskilling, corporate social responsibility, enhanced public profile, connectivity to a well regarded cause, and support of research in breast cancer surgery.



BreastSurgANZ thanks its major sponsors for their contributions to our PFT Trainee’s Day (Adelaide), Oncoplastic breast surgery Level 1 (Queenstown, NZ) and Level 2 (Brisbane) courses in 2019.


Many thanks to Mentor (Johnson & Johnson Medical) for being a major sponsor of all the 2019 BreastSurgANZ training courses and workshops – the Post Fellowship Trainee’s Day,  Oncoplastic Level 1 workshop and Oncoplastic Level 2 workshop.

We acknowledge and appreciate the longterm sponsorship of Mentor (Johnson & Johnson Medical) – as supporter of all BreastSurgANZ workshops held since the Society’s inception.

For further information regarding Mentor (Johnson & Johnson Medical) please click on this link




Thanks to Motiva (LifeHealthcare) for being a major sponsor of our 2019 Oncoplastic Level 2 workshop.

For further information regarding Motiva (LifeHealthcare) please click on this link