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NZ – Auckland City Hospital


Post Fellowship Breast Trainee: Head, Neck, Breast and Endocrine Unit (includes Melanoma and Sarcoma)


Second Year


Auckland City Hospital, Park Rd, Grafton, Auckland;
Greenlane Clinical Centre, 214 Greenlane W. Epsom, Auckland


Dr Eletha Taylor

Position Description

Auckland City Hospital is pleased to offer the position of Post Fellowship training in Breast and Endocrine Surgery.

This position is based at Auckland City Hospital, which provides a multidisciplinary service treating 150-200 new breast cancers annually.
The unit is served by 5 breast and general surgeons. All breast surgeons on the unit perform level 1 oncoplastic procedures, with 3 of the surgeons having a broader level 2 oncoplastic practice (therapeutic mammoplasty and contralateral symmetrisation where indicated). Implant based reconstructions are performed by 3 of the department surgeons, but we utilise the regional plastics service for autologous reconstructions. These are performed at another site with ongoing involvement of our services. The fellow would be involved in the operative management of these cases.

The successful candidate will be offered exposure to a large number of neoplastic and non-neoplastic breast pathology. In addition, the candidate will be extensively exposed to all aspects of axillary surgery including sentinel node biopsy and axillary dissection. The fellowship is linked with an exposure to Endocrine (Thyroid/ Parathyroid/ Adrenal) and melanoma and head and neck surgery.

The fellow would be involved in the running of a weekly campus breast multidisciplinary meeting and attend 3 all day lists and 3 half day clinics per week.
Auckland Hospital has strong links with the Auckland Breast Cancer Study Group with an extensive clinical database available for clinical research opportunities.

There will be an expectation to take part in the General Surgical on call roster and work independently in common acute general surgical procedures with friendly and collegiate support from all consultants. However, the daytime management of acute general surgery is delivered by specialist emergency surgeons and will not impact on the fellow’s elective work.


Hospital culture is one of respect and professionalism Yes
A published and accessible complaint management process Yes
Computer facilities / IT Support Yes
Private Study Areas Yes
General hospital educational activities Yes
Regular supervision, assessment, and feedback Yes
Safe hours practised Yes
Access to external education activities for Fellow Yes
Credentialed and specialist surgical staff committed to assist surgical training of BreastSurgANZ Fellow Yes


Summary Hospital Information

Breast Oncoplastic Surgery:

Yes (We consider appropriate level I options in all of our breast conservation patients Mammoplasty (therapeutic or symmetrising) (10-20) Fat grafting (0-7) Implant reconstruction (10-20)

Breast Reconstruction Surgery:

Yes (We perform implant based reconstruction (generally 2-stage) Involvement with our plastic surgical colleagues for autologous reconstruction - generally to facilitate the mastectomy component - techniques include nipple preservation with a variety of approaches dependent on the patient)

General and Other Surgery:

Yes (Endocrine - Thyroid, Parathyroid and adrenal surgery Sarcoma - 2 of our surgeons are part of the regional sarcoma service Melanoma surgery 5 of the 6 consultants contribute to the on call general surgical roster for our hospital. The PFT is actively involved in this

Breakdown of hours:

Outpatient Clinics - 3 per week, Operating Lists - 3 days per week, On Call - 1 in 7 on the acute general surgical roster

Private Consulting:

There can be the occasional opportunity to attend interesting cases in private on occasion, but only if this does not clash with public hospital commitments. Generally this role does not include private consulting


All cancer patients are discussed in a weekly MDM that occurs every Tuesday. The Breast Screen MDM occurs every Friday morning. There is zoom access and the fellow may wish to dial in to these.

Academic & Research:

There is no formal research programme but the consultants are happy to be involved in supervision of research. There is access to the Auckland Breast Cancer Registry which is an excellent resource for research projects


1 year FTE role commencing early February 2025


Will be Full time salary equivalent to Senior Registrar salary (or greater) and minimum salary package and requirements and conditions as required by law in the Hospital jurisdiction will apply

Further Information:

All surgeons have an active interest in breast surgery with 4 of the 6 surgeons having an active oncoplastic component to their work Training covers the clinical assessment and work-up of breast patients, operative management and follow-up care We have a strong focus on the optimisation of cosmetic outcome for our patients and utilise a range of options for this in the context of modern breast surgical care, PFTs should expect exposure to breast conservation, mastectomy (simple and in the context of immediate reconstruction), sentinel node biopsy and level 2 axillary dissection We perform targeted axillary dissection in appropriate post NACT patients Our fellow is required to contribute to the on call general surgical roster. This is at senior registrar level rather than consultant first on call level. ANC (25-30) SNB (80) Mastectomy (30-50), SSM (10-20), Subcutaneous Mastectomy (5-15) Wide Local Excision (30-45) Level 1 Oncoplastic (25-40)

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