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SA – Royal Adelaide Hospital


Breast & Endocrine Surgical Fellow


Second Year


Royal Adelaide Hospital, North Terrace, Adelaide


Dr Janne Bingham


Position Description

The Royal Adelaide Hospital Breast / Endocrine Unit is one of Australia’s most established oncoplastic breast units and the RAH Breast Fellowship is recognised nationally and internationally as a high-quality experience that will prepare surgeons for a career in oncoplastic breast and endocrine surgery.

The unit deals with approximately 250 newly diagnosed breast cancers per year thus providing the Fellow ample opportunity to gain extensive experience in the management of both benign and malignant breast disease over the 12 month period. The Unit is serviced by 4 breast surgeons with experience in level I and level II oncoplastic breast surgery (including skin and nipple-sparing mastectomy, tissue expander reconstruction, pre-pectoral and DTI reconstruction, Latissimus Dorsi Flap reconstruction, therapeutic mammoplasty, perforator flap partial breast reconstruction etc.). Fellows will also gain experience in endocrine surgery (including thyroid surgery, neck dissection, minimally invasive parathyroid surgery and adrenal surgery), emergency general surgery and breast/thyroid ultrasound.

A timetable is attached for your information (Appendix 1), but in general the Fellow will be expected to attend theatre lists with surgical consultants (two full day operating lists per week plus an additional all day renal parathyroid list per month). The Fellow is expected to conduct daily ward rounds with junior staff, be involved with teaching of junior staff and conduct research with the aims of publication in peer-reviewed journals and presenting papers at national/international meetings. The Fellow will attend weekly outpatient clinics in both specialist breast (1-2 per week) and endocrine surgery (1 per week). Multidisciplinary meetings for both breast (weekly) and endocrine (monthly) surgery are conducted regularly. The Fellow is encouraged to attend multidisciplinary clinics at BreastScreen SA and attend private surgical operating theatre lists to gain experience in other areas such as aesthetic breast surgery (breast augmentation, breast reduction and mastopexy). An on-call commitment for general surgery is expected, currently every Wednesday night and two Saturday 24 hour on-call periods per month.

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Hospital culture is one of respect and professionalism Yes
A published and accessible complaint management process Yes
Computer facilities / IT Support Yes
Private Study Areas Yes
General hospital educational activities Yes
Regular supervision, assessment, and feedback Yes
Safe hours practised Yes
Access to external education activities for Fellow Yes
Credentialed and specialist surgical staff committed to assist surgical training of BreastSurgANZ Fellow Yes


Summary Hospital Information

Breast Oncoplastic Surgery:

Wide range of Oncoplastic surgery procedures offered including round block (12), V-mammoplasty (12), perforator flap partial breast reconstruction (5) and therapeutic mammaplasty (15)

Breast Reconstruction Surgery:

Nipple and skin sparing mastectomy techniques offered, implant reconstruction - delayed 2 stage and immediate 2 stage and DTI reconstruction. Pre- & post-pectoral positioning. LD flap reconstruction stage and DCTI reconstruction; Pre& post-pectoral positioning, LD flaps

General and Other Surgery:

Endocrine - thyroidectomy (total - 30, semi - 40), parathyroidectomy (MIP & BNE - 20, subtotal - 10), adrenal (open - 3, lap - 12); Melanoma - 10; General - 70

Breakdown of hours:

Outpatient clinics - 9 per 4 weeks ( 4 breast, 4 endocrine, 1 breast reconstruction clinic); Theatre - 9 full days per 4 weeks; On-call every Wednesday night and 2 weekends per month; 4 breast MDM per 4 weeks, 1 thyroid MDM per 4 weeks, 8 x admin sessions per 4 weeks, 1 afternoon off per week

Private Consulting:

No timetabled private consulting; free afternoons correspond with consultants private operating which Fellow is encouraged to attend


Weekly breast MDM; monthly thyroid MDM

Academic & Research:

The unit is heavily involved in research, clinical trials (currently BRCA-P, WinPro) and teaching. The Fellow is strongly encouraged to undertake a research project during the PFT year, with the aim of both presentation and publication. Unit consultants assist with this as required.


1 year FTE role commencing early February 2024


Full time salary equivalent to Senior Registrar salary (or greater) and minimum salary package and requirements and conditions as required by law in the Hospital jurisdiction will apply

Further Information:

Clinical Trials Support The unit does a considerable volume of endocrine surgery - a PFT interested in endocrine surgery, in addition to breast surgery, is desirable. The unit also provides on-call cover for emergency surgery. The PFT will be involved in the on-call roster.

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