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VIC – Eastern Health


Breast & Endocrine Surgery Fellow


First Year


Maroondah Hospital, Davey Drive, Ringwood;
Box Hill Hospital, Arnold Street, Box Hill


Mr Michael Law


Position Description

Eastern Health consists of a network of Monash University Teaching Hospitals. The Breast and Endocrine Surgery Unit is a high volume breast service, treating over 250 new breast cancers a year. The unit consists of 4 breast and endocrine surgeons and 4 breast nurses across 2 campuses. Several of our surgeons are ASUM CCPU accredited and are active in surgeon performed ultrasound training. The unit has high volume operative workload (up to 9 lists a week) and has regular oncoplastic and reconstructive lists.

The BreastSurgANZ Fellow will be involved in Level 1 - 2 oncoplastic surgery in most cases including perforator flaps, ultrasound training, non cancer reduction mammoplasty and exposure to vacuum assisted excision techniques.

We provide multidisciplinary cancer service across greater Eastern metropolitan Melbourne and surrounding regional areas and actively participate in clinical research through collaboration with Monash University and Eastern Clinical Research Unit. We also participate in the provision of acute general surgical service to the network.

The successful applicant will have the opportunity to receive training in a wide range of breast and endocrine conditions and procedures. The fellow will be actively involved in:

In addition, the fellow will have opportunities to take part in:

The fellow will be expected to work across two main campuses (Maroondah and Box Hill Hospitals) and will have access to surgical assisting at lists across several private hospitals. The fellow will participate in the general surgical on-call roster.


Hospital culture is one of respect and professionalism Yes
A published and accessible complaint management process Yes
Computer facilities / IT Support Yes
Private Study Areas Yes
General hospital educational activities Yes
Regular supervision, assessment, and feedback Yes
Safe hours practised Yes
Access to external education activities for Fellow Yes
Credentialed and specialist surgical staff committed to assist surgical training of BreastSurgANZ Fellow Yes

Summary Hospital Information

Breast Oncoplastic Surgery:

All oncology cases will have level 1 - 2 oncoplastic procedures (breast conserved)

Breast Reconstruction Surgery:

Weekly reconstruction list with plastic surgery with skin sparing / nipple sparing mastectomy experience. Observorship to implant and autologous reconstruction

General and Other Surgery:

>200 endocrine cases, mainly thyroid and parathyroid but also adrenal surgery. General Surgery on call for 1 campus

Breakdown of hours:

Up to 8 operating lists per week at Maroondah Hospital, 2 at Box Hill Hospital. Up to 6 breast clinics and 2 endocrine clinics per week a week. Breastscreeen monthly.

Private Consulting:



Weekly breast cancer MDT with plastics involved. Monthly endocrine MDM and monthly BreastScreen MDM

Academic & Research:

Medical student teaching, Registrar teaching, access to Eastern Health research unit and Monash University, Fellow expected to produce one (1) major publication


Full time role commencing on early February 2025


Full time salary equivalent to Senior Registrar salary (or greater) and minimum salary package and requirements and conditions as required by law in the Hospital jurisdiction will apply

Further Information:

>250 breast cases per year. Level 1 - 2 Oncoplastic surgery in most cases including perforator flaps. Ultrasound training. Non cancer reduction mammoplasty. Exposure to vacuum assisted excision techniques. Position would benefit trainees who also have an interest in endocrine and general surgery. Pathway for trainee to gain ASUM CCPU Breast/Endocrine accreditation (2 accredited CCPU spervisors)

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